pressrelease MSI, a leading provider of high performance mainboards and graphics cards, has made a big impact on the gamer scene with the Big Bang mainboard series. First they launched the well received Big Bang-Trinergy, then they introduced the first mainboard with the Hydra chipset, Big Bang-Fuzion, and now it’s time to announce the new Big Bang mainboard for the X58-platform: Big Bang-XPower. XPower features a class leading design and innovative features such as MSI’s unique overclocking utility OC Genie, Military Class Components, the high quality QuantumWave audio card, USB3.0 & SATA 6GB/s and the OC Dashboard. Furthermore, XPower is the only mainboard recommended by THQ for experiencing Metro 2033, the bestselling survival horror FPS!

Extreme Power Design
MSI Big Bang-XPower is designed with high end power users in mind. It features Military Class Components such as Hi-c CAPs (highly-conductive polymer capacitors), Solid CAPs (solid capacitors) and Icy Chokes (low-temperature inductors) to ensure the highest stability and the best thermal characteristics. The board also comes with a 16 Phase DrMOS PWM design with Dual 8-Pin CPU power input to ensure that overclockers will get the most out of their high end CPU. Furthermore, the board comes equipped with Super Ferrite Chokes (SFC) which guarantee a 35˚C lower temperature and a 30% higher current capacity. For those with high end graphics cards like the MSI R5870 Lightning, the board features an extra 6-pin external power connector.

Overclocking Tools: OC Genie, OC Dashboard & V-Kit
The Big Bang-XPower comes with MSI’s exclusive OC Genie and OC Dashboard for overclocking needs. OC Genie allows for the CPU and memory clock and voltage frequency to be automatically adjusted with the press of just one button. OC Dashboard gives overclockers and gamers the possibility to adjust CPU and memory clock/voltages on the fly without any delay during benchmarking or playing games. The XPower also features the V-Kit design to provide extensive monitoring and adjustment capability of the CPU VCORE, VTT, DDR and PCH voltages. Gamers can easily configure their systems without breaking into a sweat.


Power Up Your System with Up to Four Graphics Cards
The Big Bang-XPower comes with 6 PCI-Express 16x expansionslots. The board enables both NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFireX technologies for gamingsessions powered by up to four graphics cards. This configuration offers unparalleled 3D performance, silky smooth action scenes, excellent colour reproduction and fully anti-aliased image quality. Unleash the full power of various multi-GPU modes with Big Bang-XPower!

QuantumWave Audio with EAX Advanced HD 5.0 and THX TruStudio PRO
The Big Bang-XPower is bundled with the standalone Quantum Wave sound card, which has built-in support for Creative’s EAX® ADVANCED HD™ 5.0 and THX TruStudio PRO technology, to offer gamers high quality multi-channel audio. MSI is currently the only manufacturer to offer such technologically advanced functionality on a mainboard.


Next Generation Data Transfer: USB3 and SATA 6GB/s
The MSI Big Bang-XPower adopts the latest USB 3.0 & SATA 6Gb/s specifications.

THQ Recommends MSI Big Bang-XPower for Metro 2033
Well-known developer and publishing company of videogames, THQ, announced the MSI Big Bang-XPower as the preferred platform for their highly successful videogame Metro 2033. Metro 2033 is a THQ published survival horror FPS and is being hailed as one of the most graphically challenging games for high-end hardware systems. MSI is also dedicated to building the most powerful gamers platform that will fulfil all your wildest dreams.

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About THQ Inc.:
THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) is a leading worldwide developer and publishing company of interactive entertainment software. The company develops its products for all popular gamesystems, personal computers and wireless devices. Headquartered in Los Angeles County, California, THQ sells product through its global network of offices located in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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About MSI

MSI is proud of its more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing high performance IT products. The product lines of MSI are motherboards, graphic cards, notebooks, consumer electronics, barebones, networking and server products, and fully integrated add-on peripherals. With its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualified facilities, MSI products provide the best performance, reliability and value-increasing productivity. We distribute our products through offices located in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, India and Australia. MSI markets its products to distributors, computer system manufacturers, and system integrators. For more information about the company go to

Mystar Computer BV (MSI in the Netherlands) was established in 1998. Having its own facility in Son near Eindhoven, it handles all marketing, sales, logistics and after-sales-service for its customers throughout Europe.

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