While Intel’s latest Cedar Trail platform doesn’t offer any significant performance boost over last generation Atom chips, there is still support for new functions like 1080p video playback. Intel has improved the specifications for Netbooks and allows larger screens than before.

Intel Netbooks had a nice peak, but has been sinking like a stone lately. To revive the platform Intel has broadened the specifications for Netbooks, but the manufacturers have also been given a clear directive – they ahve to be ”stylish”. Intel wants to do is really just to to push manufacturers to make clean and stylish designs for future Netbooks.

A Netbook will now get screens up to 12.1″ and considering the low energy requirements of Cedar Trail at 3.5W and 6.5W for processors N2600 and N2800. Intel also wants to see thinner and fanless designs in the future. There was also talk about resolutions above 1024 x 600 for the Netbook segment. It will also allow a new formfactor in the Netbook lineup, with convertible and slider based designs to transform a Netbook to a tablet.


Cedar Trail also supports Blu-ray 2.0 and Full HD 1080p, which should make it a more interesting platform than last generation Atom. The guide lines for prices are between 199 – 399 dollar, and with convertible formfactor we can actually see how Netbooks could come back to life, but other than that it sounds like a good idea to wait for the next generation Atom platform: Balboa Pier.

Intel will encourage manufacturers to use Windows 7 and in the future Windows 8, but the door is open for Tizen and Chrome OS, which we assume will only be for the cheapest Netbooks.

Source: Fudzilla

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