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In May 2006, NordicHardware launched the PC Building Guide (Datorbyggarskolan) in Swedish. Since then the guide has become one of the most read articles in Swedish and immensely popular among our readers. Finally a guide they can refer others to, read for themselves when they need to brush up on their building skills, or perhaps just to make sure they haven’t forgotten about any component when they are about to order and build a new computer.

The PC Building Guide has been adapted from an online format to book form and is even used by schools in their computer education. The PC Building Guide simply outclasses the classic teaching literature since it is always up to date and more flexible than a book can ever be.

Today we launch the PC Building Guide in English: a complete introduction to how a computer and its individual parts work, and how to assemble them into your very own computer. Complete with pictures, videos and pedagogic explanations on how to install the various hardware of a computer, it’s the ultimate PC Building Guide.

”On the following pages, we’ll be presenting all the components inside, and connected to, your computer. On top of that, we’ll cover how to safely and efficiently install the components. Through text, images, and even videos, this article should be more than able to help you build your own computer.”

If you run into problems you can turn to the troubleshooting section with complete explanations of the different BIOS beep codes and the most common problems. We’ve used our gathered experience from running the hardware support at the world’s largest LAN party and try to walk you through any potential problems.

This 33 page article should prove to be a good help for everyone, no matter if you’re about to build your first computer, or have been doing this for years.

:: NordicHardware PC Building Guide

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