NVIDIA launched the performance card GeForce GTX 560 Ti earlier this year and revealed that additional models were planned, without the Ti suffix. New information suggests NVIDIA has set things in motion and a titanium-free GeForce GTX 560 can be expected in a few weeks, the true successor to GeForce GTX 460.

There is no information about the final specifications, but the most likely scenario is that NVIDIA bases the card on a stripped down version of GF114. Most likely with 7 of 8 CUDA cluster active, which would result in 336 CUDA cores, same as GeForce GTX 460. With a 256-bit memory bus we can also higher frequencies than GeForce GTX 460, which would make GeForce GTX 560 the faster version. This would put the newcomer on the same level as Radeon HD 6870 where NVIDIA has no real contender.


GeForce GTX 560 Ti with its eight CUDA clusters and 384 CUDA cores will of course keep its distance to the minor sibling and this should hint of a price around 180€. So far the specifications are pure speculation, but we hope to see GeForce GTX 560 on the market in a few weeks.

Source: Hesie Online

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