NVIDIA Tegra 2 is known for being used in basically all tablets with Android 3.0 and up. NVIDIA Tegra 2 has been used exclusively with Android, but this will change now as NVIDIA has released drivers for Tegra 2 to MeeGo, which makes it possible to run MeeGo on a variety of tablets like ASUS Transformer, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to mention a few.

Tegra 2 was the first ARM SoC with two cores, but got a rough start with an overall low interest, but over a night it all started and NVIDIA reported on millions sold units. First was the Optimus 2X phone, and then came the tablets with Tegra 2 and Android 3.0.

NVIDIA has released drivers for Tegra 2 to developers that enables Tegra 2 to run MeeGo. MeeGo is an operating system with open source code that has gotten a lot of attention since it is very flexible to shape after your own needs and comes with multiple interfaces depending on the type of unit.

While MeeGo is still pretty uncommon it has a broad support among names like Intel, AMD, Acer, ASUS, Nokia and many more. The new drivers should mean that you can install MeeGo on tablets with Tegra 2 but will also have NVIDIA’s official support in the future.

Source: MeeGoExperts

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