OCZ continues to launch new SSDs using PCI Express and now it is time for OCZ RevoDrive 3 Max IOPS to arrive. The new RevoDrive 3, is mainly intended for workstations and hungry enthusiasts that are looking for the best possible performance and bandwidth.

OCZ RevoDrive 3 launched during the summer, with multiple SandForce controllers and turned up specifications. Even though RevoDrive 3 used a similar structure to RAID it did support TRIM. OCZ VCA, Virtualized Controller Architecture 2.0 is the name of the technology that uses a custom SAS RAID circuit that distributes data and send different parallel I/O to the controllers. This makes it possible to achieve the same performance as RAID, but maintaining TRIM support.

It has now launched OCZ RevoDrive 3 Max IOPS. Storage capacity and specifications look like the regular RevoDrive, but the write and read speeds have been updated.

Model RevoDrive 3 Max IOPS RevoDrive 3 X2 Max IOPS
Storage capacity 120 GB / 240 GB / 480 GB 240 GB / 480 GB / 960 GB
Controller 2 x SandForce 2281 4 x SandForce 2281
Interface PCI Express 2.0 x4 PCI Express 2.0 x4
Sequential read speed 1,000 – 1,025 MB/s 1,900 MB/s
Sequential write speed 900 – 950 MB/s 1,700 – 1,725 MB/s
Random 4K write speed 135,000 – 140,000 IOPS 230,000 – 245,000 IOPS
Power consumption – idle/active 13.5 / 14.3W 13.5 / 14.3W
OS support Windows 7 32/64-bit Windows 7 32/64-bit

”The new RevoDrive 3 Max IOPS solid state drives further expand on our original PCIe series, and are designed to deliver even more bandwidth for the most demanding applications,” said Daryl Lang, VP of Product Management, OCZ Technology Group. ”Engineered to leverage the benefits of multi-threaded processors and applications, the Max IOPS provides both the performance and features required by clients to address the most intensive workloads common in high performance computing and workstation environments.”

RevoDrive_3_Max_IOPSOCZ RevoDrive 3 Max IOPS

The new Max IOPS, just like the regular RevoDrive, varies depending on the model. One has only one circuit board with two SandForce SF-2281 controllers. The second, called RevoDrive 3 X2 Max IOPS, consist of two circuit boards and four SandForce SF-2811 controller for best possible performance.

RevoDrive_3_X2_Max_IOPSOCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 Max IOPS

Like RevoDrive 3 the new unit has TRIM support thanks to the VCA technology, which in turn has to be supported by the operating system, Windows 7. Last we wrote about OCZ RevoDrive 3 there was no support for sending TRIM commands to a SCSI/SAS controller, which disabled TRIM. As far as we know Microsoft has not solved this, but we will dig deeper to try and find out.

OCZ RevoDrive 3 MAX IOPS and RevoDrive 3 X2 Max IOPS will be at retailers shortly. OCZ did not share price information.

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