OCZ has now launched an updated version of its Colossus LT unit. What separates the Colossus LT from other SSD units is for one thing the packaging, since OCZ uses ordinary 3.5″ drive size. The reason for this is that the drive basically is two internally linked SSD units with a Indilinx Barefoot controller in each one. This integrated RAID configuration is invisible to the operating system and delivers good performance and at the same time a higher storage capacity.


The OCZ Colossus LT can be bought with a storage capacity of ranging from 120GB to impressive 1TB. Paired with 128MB cache, the Colossus LT promises read and write speeds of 260MB/s and 15 000 IOPS when writing 4Kb files.


Its chassis is made out of light aluminium and even though the drive doesn’t support TRIM, OCZ tells us that they’ve implemented a solution to this problem, enabling the drive to be used for long periods of time without any serious performance degradation.


Pricing is set to $399 for the 120GB model with the flagship 1TB costing $3899.


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