OCZ Technology is a leading player on the fast growing SSD market. The memory maker has put the memory making on ice and doubled its income in 2010 through aggressive SSD ventures. The next has come by acquiring SSD controller maker  Indilinx that became famous for its Barefoot controller.

OCZ was the first that dared to work with Indilinx over a year ago. OCZ started the highly popular Vertex family, which today has grown with two två SandForce-based members, Vertex 2 and Vertex 3.

Indilinx and not the least its Barefoot controller was very popular in 2009, but over the last year it has been fading with tough competition from Intel and SandForce. Now that OCZ is stepping up and acquiring Indilinx for 32 million dollar in stock it shows that SSDs are the future for the company.


Indilinx Barefoot appeared with OCZ Vertex

OCZ will keep making SSDs with other controllers, foremost SandForce, but you can trust on it trying to develop its own solutions and exclusive circuits for its own product series, which should make them more profitable.


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