PCI-Express based Solid State products are still pretty rare, at least in retail. With a faster interface there is a bigger appeal among businesses. OCZ Technology has presented the fourth generation Z-Drive, which is a PCI-Express based storage solution for the truly high-end customers. Z-Drive R2 will ships in three flavors, R2 m84, R2 p84 and R2 p88. The common nominator is the PCI-Express x8 interface and NAND flash MLC circuits.

Depending on model and capacity Z-Drive R2 sports up to four Indilinx SSD controllers working in RAID 0 for staggering performance, up to 1400MB/s with Z-Drive R2 p88.

  • OCZ Z-Drive R2 m84 – 256GB to 1TB, 800/750 MB/s  (Read/Write)
  • OCZ Z-Drive R2 p84 – 256GB to 1TB, 800/800 MB/s  (Read/Write)
  • OCZ Z-Drive R2 p88 – 1TB to 2TB, 1400/1400 MB/s  (Read/Write)

The price is high as performance and the 1TB version of Z-Drive p88 can be found listed at NCIX for $4,769.99 CAD.



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