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The suite has so been updated to version 2.3.0. This new version brings many improvements to the extensions and how they are handled. For example, no you can have two extensions with the same file name without getting any bickering from the application. The individual applications and pages opened by each of the different applications (Base, Calc, Draw, Math, Impress, Writer) can now have individual designs and layouts, and when you change one windows it doesn’t affect your other windows layouts.

Some of the minor and more specific changes include the possibility to change perspective, appearance, and illumination of a 3D chart, and of course a new chart wizard with some more charts; now loads printer settings for specific documents automatically, meaning you will not have to change to landscape view every time you have a document lying down; Writer can print Wiki pages and much more.

This is far, far from all of the changes and updates, but you can find all of them in the Realease Notes.

 :: Download 2.3.0 


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