NVIDIA’s ARM SoC Tegra 2 will be hot pray in 2010. With a dual-core Cortex A9 CPU and NVIDIA circuits for video and graphics  NVIDIA’s new creation has already been found inside everything from tablets to smartbooks. ASUS’ manufacturing branch Pegatron has presented a ”HTPC” based on Tegra 2 and the mere size of the thing says a lot about the advantages of integrated circuits.

Tegra 2 support playback of 1080p video, Adobe Flash and can output it all though HDMI. The storage is unknown, but there is the possibility this is just a network attached drive that connects either to a NAS or such, or USB storage or some sort.


With the ARM architecture inside it can run either Google’s Android operating system or Windows CE. We hope that Tegra 2 will enable companies to improve functionality of stationary media players, or simply create a new category for those who aren’t home with HTPCs or media players.


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