Point of view continues to send over circuits to TGT and it has now presented the latest creation. Point of View TGT GeForce GTX 480 Beast is a severely overclocked GTX 480 card with full-cover water block from Innovatek.

Point of View TGT GeForce GTX 480 Beast looks like it uses NVIDIA’s regular reference design for GeForce GTX 480, but other than that not much is the same. Bside a beefy water block in nickel coated copper the card has been overclocked plenty, at least compared to what we’re used to seeing with the power hungry GF100 GPU.

TGT has turned up the GPU frequency from 810 MHz from the standard 700 MHz, while the 1.5GB graphics memory now operate at 3800 MHz, up from 3696 MHz. The graphics card costs more though, you will have to pay nearly 750€ for one of these bad boys.


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