PowerColor HD6870X2 will sport the popular AMD Barts XT GPU, but unlike other cards with this GPU, PowerColor will use two of them. It has created its own multi-GPU card running dual Barts XT circuits with 2240 stream processors and a theoretic performance of 4.03 teraFLOPs.

PowerColor HD6870X2 is the first graphics card with dual Barts circuits and the graphics card maker has made sure they will be comfortable. The custom PCB sports what PowerColor calls Platinum Power Kit, which is 13-phase power supply, coils with ferrit core and DrMos circuits. All go get the most stable voltages possible at heavy loads.

The two GPUs have 1120 stream processors each, and operate at 900 MHz, just like the single-GPU version of Radeon HD 6870. The 2GB GDDR5 memory operates with dual 256-bit memory buses and 1050 MHz clock frequency (4200 MHz effectively).


To keep the card cool PowerColor has equipped it with Heat Pipe Direct Touch (HDT) cooling. Here we find six heatpipes in direct contact with the GPUs for up to 50 times better heat uptake than a regular copper base.

The card supports DirectX 11 and Eyefinity with dual DVI outputs, HDMI and dual mini-DisplayPort outputs. The price is around 400€ and that includes DiRT3.

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