PowerColor looks to become the fourth graphics card marker to launch a custom Radeon HD 5970 4 GB. XFX has already announced the Black Edition Limited version that supports up to six monitors, but its looks like PowerColor will trump this. Rumors are going around there will be a Eyefinity12 card.

The possibility of powering up to twelve monitors kind of comes from the new and larger memory buffer, but even if the card is truly fast we can’t imagine two Cypress GPUs can play games at 49 million pixels (49MP).

Clock frequencies and prices are yet to be announced for PowerColor’s ”Eyefinity12

While most are struggling to power their tri-monitor Eyefinity setups and dreams of Eyefinity6, PowerColor’s Eyefinity12 will probably just be a cool PR stunt to most.

The business sector may have a niche for a card like this, as powering many monitors at once isn’t that uncommon in that industry.

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