We have been waiting for the first graphics cards built on 28nm for some time now, and finally it seems we have an interesting date for the AMD’s HD 7000 series. The series will be uncovered in London on December 5th, and we need to know about AMD’s latest graphics card that has not yet launched will be discussed.

According to sources to NordicHardware the moment we have all been waiting for, is about to come. The first generation graphics cards built on 28nm will be announced during an event in London on December 5th, and it is obvious that AMD will be first again with the latest manufacturing process. It is not real launch event though, but a media event to let the media take part of what is about to come from AMD.

The 28nm GPUs will bring many surprises and have a much larger focus on GPGPU funcationality than before, which probably means that the new GCN architecture will be on center stage. GCN will be the first whole new graphics architecture from AMD since the HD 2000 series and should put AMD’s graphics card back in line with NVIDIA’s selection seen to GPGPU functionality, if not above them.

Besides we know that all we need to know about the Radeon HD 7000 series will be presented in about a week, on December 5th in London. Then the first official information will be released by AMD.

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