AMD is about to launch its new graphics cards in the mid-range; Radeon HD 7770 and HD 7750. The final specifications have now been revealed, and those who were hoping for much should prepare themselves for a surprise.

AMD announced at the launch of Radeon HD 7970 that only 7900, 7800 and 7700 woul use the new GCN architecture and TSMC’s 28nm technology. According to a leake presentation slie from MSI Radeon HD 7770 and HD 7750 will arrive soon, February 15th. There have been wild speculations on the specifications, and according to the latest information it doesn’t quite look like we expected.

Model HD 7770 HD 7750 HD 6770 HD 6750
Circuit Cape Verde XT Cape Verde Pro Juniper XT Juniper Pro
Node 28nm 28nm 40nm 40nm
Radeon cores 640 512 800 720
GCN/VLIW5 units
10 8 10 9
Clock frequencies
1000 MHz 800 MHz 850 MHz 725 MHz
Theoretic perf. 1280 GFLOPS 819 GFLOPS 1360 GLFOPS 1008 GFLOPS
Texture units
40 32 40 36
ROPs 16 16 16 16
Memory bus 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit
Memory buffer
Memory frequency
1125 MHz (4500 MHz effectively) 1125 MHz (4500 MHz effectively) 1200 MHz (4800 MHz effectively) 1150 MHz (4600 MHz effectively)
Memory bandwidth
72 GB/s 72 GB/s 76.8 GB/s 73.6 GB/s
TBP* 80 W 55 W 108 W 86 W

*Typical Board Power – entire graphics card

The new Cape Verde circuit comes with less Radeon cores than Radeon HD 6770 and 6750, which it replaces. The GCN architecture is more efficient than the VLIW5 based version that is used with the older cards, so hopefully AMD has managed to get more performance from HD 7770 and HD 7750. They will both bring pretty high frequencies, especially HD 7770 that starts at 1000 MHz, or 1 GHz if you like that better.

If above is correct AMD will only bring a marginal boost with lower energy consumption and hopefully low price. With only five days to go we don’t have to wait for long to see what the real deal is.

Source: 3DCenter

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