AMD is getting pretty close to the launch of the new performance series Radeon HD 7900 and with that rumors are piling up. During the weekend new pictures of a naked HD 7900 and what is said to be specific specifications has appeared.

AMD calls the new graphics card family Southern Islands and the flagships of the new family will launch as the Radeon HD 7900 series. The graphics circuits will be called Tahiti and according to rumors gathered by the nwq GPU – also known as R1000 – be a rarely transistor-dense creation. Unimaginable 4.5 billion transistors 3Dcenter claims that AMD has fit into the new flagship, which is nearly twice as many as the 2.64 billion in Cayman. Despite 70% more transistors the circuit will be similar in size with its 280 mm², which is all thanks to the 28 nanometer technology from TSMC.

amd_tahiti_nude_li01A picture of a nude Radeon HD 7900 with 12 memory circuits and a naked GPU.

Model Radeon HD 7970 Radeon HD 6970
Northern Islands Southern Islands
Node 28nm 40nm
Die size
380mm² 389mm²
Circuit Tahiti XT Cayman XT
Radeon cores 2 048 1 536
GPU frequency
~1 000 MHz 880 MHz
Memory bus
384-bit 256-bit
Memory buffer
3 GB 2 GB
Memory technology
Memory frequency
1250 – 1375 MHZz
(5000 – 5500 MHz effectively)
1375 MHz
(5500 MHz effectively)
Memory bandwidth
264 GB/s 176 GB/s
ROPs 48 32
Texture units
128 96

The base architecture will also be new, namely AMD’s GCN architecture (Graphics Core Next), which we’ve detailed in the past. The number of shader processors has increased to 2048 stycken and the texture units and ROPs have both been boosted. The GPU frequency is up near 1GHz, which will result in a theoretic max at 4 Gigaflops, compared to 2.7 Gigaflops in Cayman (HD6970).

Last but not least we have the previously revealed memory bus at 384-bit that together with GDDR5 memory at 5000 – 5500 MHz will result in an impressive memory bandwidth at 240-264 GB/s.

amd_tahiti_nude_lis012 x 6-pins power connectors is different from the 8-pin + 6-pin we saw on the older pictures.

The numbers published by 3Dcenter is not entirely off the chart, but at the same time just rumors so far. Especially frequencies and circuit size are not easily found before launch. It is not long to go now, and we can be pretty sure the new flagship will sport a 384-bit bus.

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