We’ve all heard them, we’ve all learned to love them (even though we honestly hated). The sounds of Windows 98 and XP can be pretty annoying alone, but when put together into a melody by a skilled musician they can become quite amuzing.

The sounds we remember with a mix of feelings. The video is old (no need to point that out), but still awakens some nostalgia.


Enjoy (or not)!

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Aw man, Windows 98 sounds. I remember 98, especially when you first started it up after a reinstall and it looked for all the drivers with that damn drum icon. I’d have to click through every single prompt before I could get to the desktop and actually install the drivers. My other fond memories include frantically rebooting so I could log back onto battle.net and get back to playing Diablo II after it froze. (I still don’t know why it froze, probably because I had no idea what I was doing) What was it, a Pentium II 400mhz with 64mb… Läs hela »