Small preview imageSamsung Sense X1 seems to be one of the slimmest laptops that we have ever seen. Samsung nicknames it “thumb width” which really reflects its thickness at tiny 23mm. It is a quite light thing as well as Sense X1 wieghs in at 1.56kg. Other features include a 14″ WSXGA display, Pentium M753 (1.2GHz), 128MB ATI X300 graphics, 512MB DDR2 RAM and 80GB harddrive. The keyboard is waterproof and Samsung has geared its computer towards multimedia applications with special technologies.

However the most astonishing feature is the breathtaking batterytime at amazing 13.5h. We can’t say we would be surprised if this turns out to be a typo, otherwise it is very, very impressive, hands down.

Source: Engadget


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