The server market is known for its almost unquenchable need of more memory and to battle this Samsung has announced that it has taken a new step in the right direction to try to meet the markets need. The memory manufacturer has started to ship out 32GB DDR3 test-modules, manufactured using the latest 40nm manufacturing process they not only hold more memory than previous modules, they also come with a slightly lower power consumption.



A server with dual CPU’s can, paired with Samsungs new 32GB RDIMM modules, get a total memory amount of 384GB, double that of the previous limit which was 192GB. The power consumption should be only 5% higher when compared to the same number of 16GB modules.


At the same time, Samsung doesn’t stop here. It is already planning on refining the manufacturing process and this is what they have to say about it:

”Our highly successful implementation of 40nm-class technology is indicative of our determination to move toward the 30nm-class process node in the second half of this year. Our 30nm-class technology will provide even more advanced memory solutions for high-end server and PC applications”.


The memory modules is expected to reach mass-production sometime during the next month and will arrive at the market shortly thereafter, no doubt with a price tag that’ll make your jaw drop.


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