Electronics giant Samsung has revealed the next step in development of OneNAND memory circuits. Using 30 nanometer technology it designed a 8Gb memory chip using Single-Level-Cell  (SLC) NAND flash technology. The big difference between OneNAND and regular NAND flash is primarily performance where SLC technology enables speeds up to 70 megabyte per second, four times higher than regular NAND flash circuitry.

With 8Gb per chip Samsung enables smartphone builders to get more storage into less physical space. At the same time performance will suit the more and more demanding mobile market.

Samsung says OneNAND takes the advantages of NOR and NAND flash and combines them into one product. Fast read speeds of NOR and high capacity of NAND.

The first product using Samsung’s new 30nm 8Gb OneNAND flash circuits are expected to appear in H2 2010.

More information on Samsung’s OneNAND technology.

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