Intel’s next generation processor architecture Sandy Bridge will also have access to Intel’s Turbo Boost technology. The technology enables the processor to deactivate inactive cores and increase the clock frequency of the busy cores to achieve maximal performance without affecting power and thermal attributes. Sandy Bridge will get the next generation Turbo Boost technology and even if the details are sparse the technology will be more aggressive, especially with mobiles.

For notebooks its not just interesting to increase clock frequencies at skewed loads, but also when switching power source. When running on battery the processor can keep at low clocks while when connected to an outlet it can let all ties fly and not worry about consuming too much power.

Sandy Bridge has been said to outperform current mobile Arrandale processors by 20%, exactly what this means is hard to say but we can say for certain that Turbo technologies are here to stay. This is of course enforced by AMD and its Turbo CORE technology for the Phenom II X6 series.

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