Scythe has launched a new high performance heatsink called Yasya. The Scythe Yasya utilizes the well-known tower design and is aimed at both AMD’s and Intel’s latest processor platforms. The structure of the heatsink is called Trident Multi Layer Fin structure and is coupled with 6 ”unparallell” copper heatpipes to maximize thermal transfer and decrease static pressure.


The Yasya measures 130 x 108.5 x 159 mm and weighs in at 848g, telling us that this i a pretty big and heavy heatsink. The PWM controlled 120mm fan that’s bundled in the package works in two modes. One being 470 to 1370 rpm and the other one being 740 to 1900 rpm, depending on what the user prefers. Cooling or noise level.


The pricetag is around $57 and the heatsink should be available in most stores now.

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