Asian overclocker Peter ”Shamino” Tan have gotten his hands on NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 480 graphics card and mistreated it with voltage modifications and liquid nitrogen. The result is an impressive improvement from 700MHz stock to 1165MHz through 3DMark Vantage. The GDDR5 memory was pushed to 1117.5MHz (4470MHz effective speed), but unlike the GPU the memory didn’t enjoy the low temperatures.

Shamino’s comments on the heat development of GeForce GTX 480 are extra interesting. With 1.55V GPU voltage and shader clock at 2330MHz he experienced graphics artifacts that are common with overheating cards. The temperature at the time was -170°C in the LN2 pot, which says a lot about the extreme heat coming from the card.

Liquid helium might be needed to reach the maximal potential of NVIDIA’s new graphics circuits and then we’re approaching temperatures near absolute zero.

Shamino didn’t reveal any exact numbers on the power consumption but he mentions that you need to handle around 500W power at these clock frequencies and voltages. A the least to say staggering number, although estimated. With a dual-socket system he achieved the following score, among others;

One of the results Shamino achieved with air cooled CPUs


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