Shuttle has launched its latest mini-PC for Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform and this time the focus is one the budget market. Shuttle SH61R4 is a barebone with a tailored aluminum case and a pre-installed mini-ITX motherboard. The motherboard use the Intel H61 chipset and supports both Core i7 processors and more powerful graphics cards.

Shuttle SH61R4 is part of the XPC family that focus on small and powerful system, most often in a cubic format. Shuttle’s latest model support Intel’s processors on the LGA1155 platform, which include all models in the Sandy Bridge family, also the more powerful models of the Core i7-2×00 series.

The chipset is Intel H61 and offers support for up to 8GB DDR3-RAM (2 slots) and can run the integrated GPU of the processors through the HDMI and DVI outputs. There is also room for an extra PCIe x16 graphics card or an expansion card in PCIe x1 format, and a mini-PCIe port for a dedicated WLAN module.

SH61R42Shuttle also supports 6 channel audio, Gigabit ethernet and four internal SATA ports for harddrives. There are room for two 3.5″ harddrives and an external 5.25″ units, e.g. DVD burner or such.

The system comes with a 250W PSU and Shuttle’s own cooling solution I.C.E. (Integrated Cooling Engine) that use heatpipes to move the heat from the processor to a heatsink and 92mm fan at the back.

Shuttle SH61R4 will on the market in October and the price of the barebone; case, PSU and motherboard included, will be around 200€.


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