After years of negotiations with American record companies it seems like the Swedish music service Spotify will finally make it to the American market. With over 310 million people and a rapid technological development it is a huge market for a subscription based company like Spotify, where you can also get the material for free.

Spotify have evolved in many ways of the last few years, among others a broader market with more connected countries, but also new platforms like mobile phones and tablets.

At the same time Spotify has had to limit its free service to only ten free hours per month and max five playbacks of the same song during the same period. Even if Spotify didn’t say so we are convinced these changes were made to make American record companies happy. They have been notoriously hard to please in the past.



Google has launched its own cloud based music service in the USA, while Apple use its own model with the music store in the iCloud. If Spotify is too late or if it can still reach similar success in the USA as in Europe we should see pretty soon. Currently it is taking invites from American users.


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