Thermalright is getting to ship its latest cooler, a very macho cooler for real men. The cooler is called HR-02 Macho and will be a whole a new cooler with a sturdy design weighing in at 1 kg with fan. The fins are not very tight, which should mean it can work well with quiet fans.

The new cooler from Thermalright looks interesting since it has six 6 mm copper heatpiptes, but only 31 aluminum fins with a lot of space between them. Each fin has lots of holes for improved airflow. The cooler looks to be bent backwards so it will not invade the space around the memory slots, which many coolers do. It measures 162 x 140 x 102 mm without fan.


A cooler that doesn’t invade on the memory slots?

The heatsink is a custom design by Thermalright that according to the company will operate 19-21 dB(A) and 56-73 CFM. This should be taken with a pinch of salt, the RPM does speed of a quiet fan, which should work well with the overall design.

HR02a HR02b

Thermalright HR-02 Macho will have a universal mounting and fit Intel 1366/1156/1155/775 and AMD AM2/AM3 and should also work with Llano and Socket FM1 considering the mounting mechanism is the same. The cooler and fan weighs 860 and 140 gram, which adds up to exactly 1 kg. HR-02 Macho will ship in the near future and cost €37.90.

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