Toshiba has presented a new integrated NAND Flash memory circuit with the market’s highest storage density, 128GB. Built on the e-MMC standard the chip houses 16 separate 64Gb NAND memory chips, and a memory controller.

With 32 nanometer technology these 8GB NAND memory chips are very small and the entire chip measures only (HxWxD) 1.4x17x22mm. This is slightly bigger than the regular flash memory circuits found in smartphones and other mobile units, but there the capacity rarely stretches over 32GB.

Toshiba hopes that the new 128GB circuit will enable, not the least, mobile phone makers, to increase storage capacity of mobile units. Mass production will start in Q4 2010 and at the start of next year we can expect both a 64GB model and the flagship at 128GB in products out in the open.

Toshiba’s new circuits adhere to the coming JEDEC size standard and its e-MMC standard promising read speeds up to 55 MB/s and 21 MB/s when writing to the memory cells. 

Now all we need is price information and we can start dreaming about what kind of ultraportable devices this will enable.

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