WarMouse Meta is a gaming mouse like no other. The Spartan looking mouse has no less than 18 buttons, macros, 5600 DPI laser sensor and analog thumb stick, for $60.


WarMouse has rolled out a campaign for the new Meta mouse where you can order the endowed rodent with 20 percent discount.

The 18 buttons support double clicking and Meta ships with 64 different setting configurations adjusted for different games and applications.


WarMouse Meta supports macros with up to 1024 digits, which are stored on the built-in 512 KB flash memory.

It is the world’s first multi-button laser joystick mouse. Unlike most gaming mice and application-specific input devices, its 18 buttons are truly programmable and can be assigned to two commands per application apiece. With 512k of flash memory, the Meta holds up to 3,072 game and application commands at one time.

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