While many have chosen to get Windows 7 for their desktop computers, there are platform that still haven’t been updated with the same technology. Microsoft took a step closer to launch by announcing the beta version of its second generation Windows Home Server operating system. WHS v2 has been code-named Vail and is available as an open Beta, free to download.

Upgrading your home server to a beta operating system is not something we would recommend, but those who have the chance of installing Vail on a secondary rig, or dual-boot perhaps, can get a chance to look closer at the new system.

Luckily others have already tried it and several reports covering the operating system have appeared.

One of the major differences between the first generation WHS OS based on Windows Server 2003 (Vail is basically Windows Server 2008 R2) is a new completely system for storing data on the server. Second generation Drive Extender was written from scratch and a closer look at the system can be found at Anandtech.com.

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Other things that have been improved since the last version is the interface, backups, DLNA support and a lot more.

The improved Remote Access function also deserves a mentioning as it allows users to enjoy remotely stored media over the Internet. With Vail you can flip through images, listen to music or play videos in realtime.

A longer preview can be found at We Got Served.


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