The interest for remote with integrated keyboards have increased greatly over the last year. D-Link was quick to adopt the technology with Boxee Box and several have followed, including Motorola. Instead of launching its exciting remote-keyboard on its own, it will be sold as a tailored solution for XBMC.

XBMC is a system for handling media and playing the very same media on a computer, like Windows Media Center. Xbox Media Center started as an alternative system for Microsoft’s first generation video game console, but is today available for all major platforms and has reached a large userbase through its dedicated work and open source and free of charge distribution.

Pulse-Eight played this card before Motorola and convinced the home electronics giant to let Pulse-Eight sell the remote as a dedicated solution for XBMC. The XBMC remote is based on Motorola’s Nyxboard Hybrid and comes with a number of classic remote buttons, but also a full QWERTY keyboard.


Extra interesting is that the remote house a gyro sensor that senses which side of the remote is facing down and automaticall turns it off to avoid unintentional button presses. At the same time it will support both classic IR commando and RF to control your HTPC with and without free sight.

Pulse-Eight is planning to start selling the Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid on June 27th with a price around 60€. You also get a RF receiver and a copy of XBMC.



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