During CeBIT we told you about XFX’ work on a custom Radeon HD 5970. The card shown at the event was an Eyefinity6 model that didn’t offer much new other than 4GB RAM and promises of higher frequencies. We found out that the card would offer more than the average in its final form. There was talk of a new cooler and exclusive packaging and we now have information and pictures that shows that XFX meant serious business. It considers it XFX 5970 4GB EF 6 Black Edition Limited a weapon to fight Fermi and other extreme graphics cards.

We have acquired a document and exclusive renderings of XFX new monster card and as it should the card and packaging is a bit extraordinary.

XFX 5970 4GB EF 6 Black Edition Limited will ship in a gun box, or more precise a box shaped like a gun. The card is called a versatile gamer weapon and even if we don’t have the final specifications at hand we know that it will bring 4GB RAM and Eyefinity 6.

The graphics card is inside the weapon, renderings are not to scale

The card will be highest specified Black Edition card on the market and with dual Cypress graphics card it sure sounds exciting. The clock frequencies that will leave the factory is hard to say, but there will be a custom overclocking tool that will allow users to push the card on their own. The card will have a more powerful cooler and sturdy power supply.

XFX have always developed the most powerful, versatile Gaming weapons in the world- and have just stepped up to the gaming plate and launched something spectacular that may well literally blow the current Nvidia offerings clean away.


The open-hearted document we have viewed makes it quite clear XFX believes in the card that will have to tackle ASUS Ares and similar solutions from Sapphire. NVIDIA doesn’t seem to be a concern.

GTX480 and GTX470 are upon us, but perhaps the time has come to Fermi up who really has the big Guns.

XFX 5970 4GB EF 6 Black Edition Limited will be … limited in supply and only be sold by selected retailers. Exactly how many units there will be hasn’t been decided yet, but the price will be $1000, which is pretty much the same as we heard at CeBIT.





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A couple of these coupled with the EVGA classified board and some 30″ displays and we’re set ;P