Zotac has taken after Galaxy and taken a shine to NVIDIA’s GTS 250 GPU. The card maker has presented a card sporting two of these circuits on the same PCB, a bit unnecessary one might think, but still a feat of engineering.

Zotac made its own circuit to make room for the two graphics circuits and the NF200 bridge chip required to make the two G92 communicate with each other.

At Expreview they have taken a closer look at the card and even if the components are somewhat old today, two GTS 250 graphics circuits and only 512MB graphics memory, it is still an impressive creation where the powerful power supply portion stands out.


Zotac also developed a cooler especially for the card, with two temperature controled fans.

The performance to expect is a bit hard to say, and even if it is not a solution we would expect a lot from it should perform fairly well, but most of all we hope that Zotac can take its experience and apply it to current generations.


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