NVIDIA has officially launched the renowned Kal-El – often referred to as Tegra 3, now also so by NVIDIA. Kal-El takes a giant step for NVIDIA and ARM in terms of performance, longer battery times, dynamic clock frequencies up to 1.4 GHz and support for older game controller.

There have been many rumors and speculations, but we can now say that Kal-El is finally here, and no we’re not talking about Superman. Is it wrong to draw a likeness between NVIDIA Kal-El and the fictional superhero? NVIDIA Kal-El that was quickly dubbed Tegra 3 by the media against NVIDIA’s blessing has now been accepted, and is called Tegra 3 even by NVIDIA.

Tegra 3 is a system processor based on ARM’s processor architecture Cortex-A9 and NVIDIA’s own expertise and intellectual property in graphics and chipsets. This mays sound like any system processor based on ARM’s processor architectures, but Tegra 3 opens whole new doors with functionality.

Tegra3_DIE_FRONTBesides the obvious with Tegra 3 – better performance, NVIDIA has done its best to make the new processor stand out. In this article we will talk about Tegra 3 and its various functions, technologies and potential it has to change the mobile market for smartphones and tablets.

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