In a recent interview AMD revealed that the graphics division ATI is on the ball with the new popular 3D format. It says that Stereoscopic 3D, S3D, is here to stay and that ATI already supports the technology, but there are no plans for a grand launch just yet.

Rival NVIDIA has been marketing its 3D Vision technology, while AMD has been playing it cool and even if the competition is making a lot of noise about its 3D venture, sales are slow. Something that has made AMD wait and at the same time ask if today’s technology that requires expensive and cumbersome glasses is good enough.

“I feel graphics technology is now powerful enough to drive an incredible S3D experience. The big question is whether it will have mass market appeal while glasses remain a requirement.  Will people balk at the $100 + price of active shutter glasses? I believe S3D is here to stay, and will grow in the coming years,”

It pointed out that the support for stereoscopic 3D is available in ATI’s graphics circuits and back in March during the Game Developer Conference it started the Open Stereo 3D initiative to get third party developers rolling.

When we get to see AMD’s S3D technology for real is uncertain, but it looks like it is taking same approach as Microsoft and waiting for the technology to gain momentum.

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