There is a great mystery going on at AMD and the future looks like one big question mark, especially as none of the old roadmaps matches what is really going on. On February 2nd it is time for Analyst Day where the new plans will be announced, and the invitations reveals bits of these.

AMD has always updated clients, media and consumers during a presentation that has lated for a day. Its Analyst Day was postponed though since it was supposed to be held in November. The reason was that the company was going through some major changes, both the roadmaps and the organization, and new faces were being introduced. The event will now be held on February 2nd instead, and the topics are three-fold; Consumerization, Cloud, Convergence.


Consumerization (retail adaption) is simply about adapting to the market needs, which may sound like a given. In normal cases new products are sold at the business level first and then be scaled down for retail. Exactly what AMD means with Consumerization we can only speculate.

Cloud is a venture AMD has had for several years, which is simply to develop products for the cloud. So far it has been mainly about infrastructure, where the Opteron processors has been the product in focus. Besides the fact that we are using mobile units more and more many industry analysts beleive that more and more will have their operations in the cloud, and not locally.

Convergence is the same word we heard when we met Toby Williams, sales manager for Northern Europe. It means that several product categories are starting to melt together, something we have already witnessed with the fresh concept ASUS Transformer.

On February 2nd all questions will be answered, and we will finally know what the focus for the future will be. Judging from what we have heard about the changes Rory Read has done we can conclude that AMD is not about to leave PCs or x86, that we can say for certain.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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