usb3kontaktAntec has decided to ship free USB adaptors to users that has purchased the Antec P280 and Eleven Hundred cases. Geared toward users that doesn’t have support for the newer USB 3.0 adapter that is found in the cases.

Antec has like most other major case makers adopted the new USB 3.0 standard. The front mounted USB ports connects to tthe motherboard with a standardized USB 3.0 cable, which unfortuantely is not backwards compatible with regular internal USB 2.0 pins. This is something several users have pointed out to Antec and received a free USB adapter, with proof of purchase.

The users that already has a motherboard with an Internal USB 3.0 connector can also contact Antec but they don’t really need the adapter since it is used to connect the front ports to USB 2.0 pins on the motherboard. Those who wants to complete their cases with an USB adapter should contact Antec’s RMA support on the following address and request an internal USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 adapter.


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