A lot of the things shown at this year’s CES will be about mobility. ASUS, who more or less started the whole netbook industry, is really on the go and during a pre-event press briefing it showed a number of new models, among others the ASUS NX90 that is just as much decoration as it is a notebook and multimedia machine.

ASUS NX90 was developed together with Bang & Olufsen Chief Designer David Lewis and it has resulted in a really stylish finish and put a lot of emphasis on the audio. On the sides of the 18.4″ display sits two long speakers for some really great listening.


They have also spent some time on the touchpad of ASUS NX90. The computer has two pads on each side of the keyboard, while the wrist support is completely free from buttons and levers. The navigation is done ”DJ style” where they have designed a special software and two hands will be able to integrate with the computer in a whole new way.


Prices start at $1,799.


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