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Intel will update the mobile budget platform soon and the Atom N4xx series trumps the precursor. The processor will house an integrated graphics circuit that will enable netbook builders to save both room and cost. With the majority of the chipset integrated into the processor you no longer need two chips but only one and the first model, Atom N450, will appear in netbooks on January 3, 2010.

When the embargo lifts multiple system builders are expected to have netbooks ready for launch. Exactly what performance will be like is hard to say, but don’t expect any revolutionizing changes from today’s platforms and Atom N450 will operate at relatively low 1.66GHz clock frequency. We can expect dual-core models of the Atom Dxxx series later on.

The integrate graphics circuit will be faster than the current G945GC chipset but being based on the GMA 3100 GPU it still leaves much to be wanted. Hopefully it will be capable of playing High Definition video and be an overall more pleasant experience than the current Atom platform. Don’t expect any kind of 3D performance worth mentioning.

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