Bitfenix Prodigy got a lot of attention, at least from home builders and enthusiasts building Mini-ITX systems. The  case is currently available in black and white, but now two new alternatives have appeared at Bitfenix.

We think Prodigy is one of the most interesting cases launched this year. Those who are unfamiliar with Prodigy it is a case for Mini-ITX motherboards (170 x 170 millimeter), but still has room for a 5.25″ drive, multiple harddrives, a full ize power supply and very large graphics cards like Radeon HD 6990 and Geforce GTX 690.


Bitfenix has published a picture on Facebook showing Prodigy in red and orange. It doesn’t say whne or even if they will appear, but more alternatives can’t hurt, right? Would you consider a red or orange Prodigy, or is it black or white that is prefered?

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