Boxee Box is a stationary media player from D-Link that caught our eye back in December of last year. Beside a somewhat odd design D-Link made extra fuzz about using Nvidia’s powerful Tegra 2 circuit.

D-Link’s launch of Boxee Box has been delayed till November, revealed at the official blog. A substantial delay for a product that was slated for launch in Q2 2010.

”Our vision is to make the Boxee experience on a set top box as good as (and where we can, better than) the one you already know on a PC. The goal is to play HD videos from the web or a local network in 1080p and use hardware acceleration whenever possible. And to provide a TV browser experience that can handle almost everything you throw at it, including Flash 10.1. ” 

It did not reveal exactly what has delayed Boxee Box, but considering many other Tegra 2 products have slipped in the launch schedule it looks like NVIDIA’s ARM-based system chip might be the culprit. Also Adobe’s Flash 10.1 software, which is feature included with D-Link’s Boxee Box, could be a problematic area.

Adobe recently released Flash 10.1 for Windows and other x86 platforms, but for the mobile ARM world there is no specific launch date. 

D-Link has developed the hardware for Boxee Box while it relies on Boxee’s online service to access media on the Internet or locally on your network.

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