Say what you will about NVIDIA and its down period, but with GeForce GTX 580 it has created a buzz and built rumors, not the least since the cards is expected to launch earlier than anticipated. New rumors suggest that NVIDIA’s flagship will be the template for Crysis 2.

NVIDIA has moved in 2 million dollar into Electronic Arts that is currently working on completing the successor to one of the most demanding games ever, Crysis. The big donation is expected to be used to make Crysis 2 work optimal with NVIDIA’s hardware, but it may cause delays since the game is slated for launc on March 25th 2011.

According to speculations this can contribute to delays in the development of the longed for game, all to give NVIDIA a real magnet for its Fermi architecture where not the least tessellation performance will be hard to match for AMD.

To give the game maximal image quality and use the new DirectX 11 architecture to the fullest we can expect a whole lot of graphical goodies in the engine, and NVIDIA is paying for the tab. Tessellation effects feel like the obvious, since NVIDIA has its strong suit there.

NVIDIA’s effect on the PC version of Crysis 2 is still uncertain

But with a launch date that is already slipping into 2011 NVIDIA will not be able to enojy its investment for quite some time – if the source is correct. It is certainly trying to win back the consumers with the damaged Fermi architecture. Whether ”helping” developers is the way to go or if it counts as foul means we’re not in the position to judge.


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