Google hasn’t been around in the browser industry as Mozilla and Microsoft, but with its extremely popular search engine and a very rapid development Google Chrome has lured many users and the latest milestone is a global market shares of over 16%.

Google had a share of 11.15 percent at the start of 2011 and Chrome has been increasing since, while main competitors Internet Explorer and Firefox lose a few marginal shares.

The biggest loser is as expected Microsoft that has lost nearly 4 percentages since the start of the year, while Firefox has lost 1.3 percentages. Chrome in turn has increased with over 5 percentages, which gives Google about 45% more users in September.

Interestingly Google Chrome is actually the only of the major browsers to increase at all from January to September 2011. Also Safari and Opera lost small shares if we are to trust RealTimeStats’ latest survey.


Other reports have claimed that Chrome is already over 20%, but one thing is at least for certain, Chrome is increasing – and doing it fast.

Also here at NordicHardware Google Chrome is a very popular browser that is currently the primary choice for over 31% of the readers. Only beaten by Mozilla Firefox with over 35% of the readers.

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