Intel’s 510 SSD series has been around for a while, but is less and less looking like an interesting alternative due to the price and performance. The next generation is not far off, and besides 25nm MLC NAND circuits there is talk about SandForce supplying the controller.

Intel 510 hasn’t been the most affordable option seen to capacity and performance, but known for its high quality. The thing that speaks against 510 today is that there is only two models available, one at 120 GB and one at 250 GB. That they both use 34nm MLC NAND contributes to the high price. Starting next quarter it is time for the successor code-named Cherryville to make an entrance, and most likely become the Intel 520 series.

Cherryville will exist in capacities of 60, 120, 180, 240 and 480 GB, and will be based on more advanced 25nm MLC NAND circuits that will be produced through the joint venture with Micron. Sources have also hinted to NordicHardware that Cherryville will use a controller from SandForce – or more precise the brand SandForce.

Next generation SSDs from Intel will be powered by a SandForce controller?

If it is an old, or new controller we don’t know, but Intel will participate in the development of the firmware. The latest SandForce SF-2281 is without a doubt one of the best performers on the market today, but also one of the controllers with the most problems. There is a lot at stake no matter what, since Intel is one of the more respected SSD manufacturers so far.

In Q3 another SSD series code-named King Crest will appear. It will replace the Intel 510 and 520 series with 20nm MLC NAND from Intel and Micron. Launching a successor only six months after the 520 series doesn’t sound very likely, but it is good to know that Intel has great plans for next year and Cherryville should be an interesting product when it arrives.

Source: CPU World

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