Intel has released a couple of new processors during the last week or so, including Core i5 760 and Core i7 970. While doing that it also lowered the prices of some of its other modeles, price cuts between 11% and 48%.


Most of these new launches have been known for some time, and beside the two above mentioned we also have the Lynnfield-based Core i7 870S, Intel Atom D525 and D425.

The models that have been price cut include Core i7 870 that lands at 294 dollar in 1kU, which is almost half the price (48%). This is since it was dethroned by Core i7 880 as the leader of the series.

Other noteable price cuts are Core i3 540 that is lowered by 12% and the mobile Core i7 640UM that is cut by 5%.

Intel has also retired a number of models and beside twenty or so Xeon models we also see the departure of Core 2 Duo E7400 and Pentium E6300.


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