Netbooks usually have single-core Atom processors under the hood and even if Intel’s dual-core Atom 330 CPU was found in a lot products they were usually desktops or storage solutions. With the second generation Atom family Intel is said to be planning a dual-core for netbooks, i.e. portable computers. The processor is expected to launch as part of the Atom N500 series and be based on the same Pineview design as the single-core Atom N450.

The exact specifications of Intel’s new dual-core Atom processor wasn’t reveaöed and what we most of all want to know is the frequency and power consumption. Intel already has the Atom D510 CPU with dual cores operating at 1.66GHz while consuming 13W. We can only assume that Intel has managed to trim this number a bit, hopefully without lowering the power consumption.

With High Definition monitors this would be a much welcomed addition to the netbook armada as any extra boost a netbook can get is necessary to make them more useful for actual work.

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