We decided to raise the ambitions of our overclocking team NHOC last month, and things have been going well since. Last week our eager members lifted the team over 4000 points and at the same time achieved some world class results.

NHOC only needed hours to really kick off and together the group has gathered points at a steady rate at Hwbot, both through new members and not the least from our faithful overclockers that hasn’t just collected so called hardware points, but also world class results. Our three overclocking experts Jonas ”Mean Machine” Klar, Henry ”ME4ME” de Kruijf and Mattias ”gbglassen” Awes have been performing as expected, but when we summarize the team progress so far we can see that our members have gotten both speed and frequency up. 

NHOC Hwbot team

One of the ventures of NHOC is the merited Hwbot team. At Hwbot.org overclockers from around the globe compete by gathering points from overclocking their hardware to the limit. Beside the individual honor you can compete in teams and NordicHardware OC Team has tripled its total score over the last few weeks. Thanks to busy work and eager members. At the moment we have gathered 4165.90 points and more there will be. Some of the members that has contributed with points and results over the last weeks are gbglassen, mean machine, hirsch, mrVoodoo and Evil_AnAnAs.

Worth noting is that our editor in chief (Woxx) has entered the team with his office oc project, with an obvious last place in the team and a total of 0.20 poäng it may be for the best that the other more merited overclockers are holding the NHOC team up at HWbot. At the same time it shows that anyone can contribute, something you do by registering at HWbot and joining NordicHardware OC Team. Everyone is welcome!

NHOC’s Hwbot team

NHOC will continue to follow the team and its members in the future and with the very positive attitude we have seen so far we can only see good in the future. At the moment we hear rumors that our own Mattias ”gbglassen” Awes has claimed a gold cup in 3DMark06 with Radeon HD 5870. A graphics card that was scared up to 1450 MHz GPU and a project we will be showing you more of soon. Until then, let the nitrogen flow!

”The true performance is out there”


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