OCZ Technology have several interesting SSD solutions in development and those who have missed it can go back and check out our video previews from CES. It is already finetuning existing products and rolled out a new performance firmware for the Octane series.

OCZ has managed to double the data speed when writing random 4K files with the 64GB and 128GB model to reach some really nice speeds. Writing small random files is often related to the most real performance and according to OCZ the new v1.13 firmware will give a big boost in performance during regular use, noticeable or not depends on the user and area of use.

The company offers quick benchmarks in IOmeter 2008 where it shows how much software optimizations can mean to SSDs. All units had a random read speed for 4K files at 37,000 IOPS before, and this remains the same.

  Random Write 4K IOPS (FW v1.12) New random Write 4K IOPS (FW v1.13)
Octane 128GB 7,700 18,000
Octane 256GB 12,000 25,000
Octane 512GB 16,000 26,000

OCZ Doesn’t say if other performance is affected in any way and it seems like a pretty obvious upgrade for anyone with an Octane drive. Firmware 1.13 will be shipping with new units.


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