Point of View has once again given the tuning department TGT free hands with NVIDIA’s latest graphics card. This time it’s a dual-core GeForce GTX 590 that comes with a slim and full cover copper water block, and frequencies turned up to 691 MHz on the GPU, which is a nice boost from the original 607 MHz.

POV/TGT GeForce GTX 590 BEAST is a graphics cards on top of the rest and with a card that in its original form already had potential to go into triple digit temperatures (Celsius of course) it comes as no surprise the company has chosen a whole new kind of cooling for the flagship.

Beside the two GF110 graphics circuits operating at 691 MHz, the 3GB GDDR5 memory has been pushed to 3710 MHz from the stock frequency of 3414 MHz. To keep the higher power consumption and heat development at bay it has applied a nickel-coated copper water block that cools all heat-emitting components.


According to the company, the more efficient cooling will reduce temperatures down to around 50 degrees Celsius, which is atleast 30 degrees less than the much noisier air cooler.

Alas, there is no mention of the price, but we’re confident it will be out of range for most users, based on the quote below. 

Unfortunately expensive.

The first cards are shipping out any day now.

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