PowerColor Radeon HD 5970 Eyefinity 12 is a graphics card with a lot of most things. Beside two powerful AMD Cypress GPUs sporting 2.15 billion transistors the card has 4GB of graphics memory. Even if these specifications can be found elsewhere with other extreme versions of AMD Radeon HD 5970, PowerColor has an ace up its sleeve. The card can run 12 monitors simultaneously.

PowerColor has taken AMD’s Eyefinity technology one step further and those who are wondering about who can afford six monitors for Eyefinity 6 configuration may want to look away now.


Even if PowerColor’s version can be the very definition of overkill it has shown some restraint by putting six of the mini-DisplayPort on a daughter card. In other words, you can remove the daughter card if you for some reason just want to use six monitors instead of Twelve.

The price and tech specs haven’t been revealed yet, but you can count on more information during Computex 2010 and a price around $1000.


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